Conditions Treated

This is the too hard, too often and too early injury. As an amateur at an assortment of sports and an expert at none I get the frustration of a sports injury. The main thing with sports injuries is to diagnose them correctly. With a vast experience in treating sports clients I can clinically diagnose your condition and refer you for ongoing investigations if warranted. An accurate diagnosis means that I can offer advice on treatment, return to sports and referral if serious. I am particularly concerned with adolescents in sport. This age group needs to seek advice if they experience an injury that fails to settle within 3 weeks as otherwise it has the potential of becoming a permanent disability. While for sports people it is about return to the sports arena asap if the injury is recurring or likely to recur I can also help advise on a programme that best prepares you to return aafabsp ( as a fitter and better sports person).