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About Us

About Us

At B Well Physiotherapy we believe in the uniqueness of each person. With 25 years experience and a Masters in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy we have the ability to offer a treatment programme that best suits your own individual circumstance. At B Well physiotherapy we can help diagnose, advise on and treat your physical problem. A Doctor’s referral is not required to see a physiotherapist unless you are injured at work or through a motor vehicle accident. However we will refer you to your Medical Practitioner if Physiotherapy is not appropriate for your condition. We will also work with your Medical Practitioner to help manage your condition.

Our Approach

Being an experienced clinician I have developed palpation skills that allow me to use minimal force when treating. I have found this a more effective and comfortable approach than using forceful techniques. There are a wide variety of treatments that I have experience in. Please see below under treatments for a description of them.As a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist I have additional expertise in treating spinal conditions such as neck and back pain. All patients can be assured of a thorough assessment and discussion of what treatment I feel will best benefit your condition.

Our Aim

Our aim is to relieve your symptoms then suggest and help design an appropriate programme to maintain your health. Whether this is a programme on site, a home-exercise programme, hydrotherapy or one of your own choice. We are able to work with you in a gym or pool at a lower level with the aim of graduating to a general exercise programme that you can continue to attend. In essence our motto is to work with you naturally, gently and as fast as your body allows to continue to Be Well. You are important and valuable, be kind to yourself. Let us help you take care of yourself. If you feel well and are well then living is an adventure not to be missed.

Meet the B Well Team

  • Belinda Hinchey

    BA Science Physiotherapy, MAPA. Masters Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy


Movement and postural analysis

Watching how clients move can provide clues to a physical problem and can also suggest not only particular treatment techniques but also preventative programmes. Movement is individualistic and while I never endeavour to correct what is individual I will help correct faulty movement patterns that may be contributing to your pain. Movement analysis is an integral part of every assessment and sometimes it is done overtly and sometimes in a more organised fashion. Reeducating you in movement ( or motor) patterns is an important component of improving physical well-being.

Mobilisation, manipulation and massage

These hands on techniques aim to move a joint or relax muscles. They are useful if movement is restricted due to stiffness, injury or stress. Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists have additional expertise in assessment of movement and the application of these techniques. Used alone these techniques can provide a quick fix which we could all do with at one time or another. Used in combination with advice and appropriate exercise they can be helpful in preventing reoccurrences.

Tailored exercise programmes

Physiotherapists are experts on movement and exercise. They have training in disease processes, medical conditions; normal and abnormal anatomy and physiology of the human body and also exercise physiology. This means not only can they help diagnose and understand what your problem is, they also know how to prescribe appropriate exercise to improve your condition. An awareness of your medical background means that they can be adaptive in exercise prescription and also progress exercises safely.

Foot and ankle biomechanical assessment

Foot, ankle,knee and hip pain can sometimes be the result of faulty biomechanics.The Principal has undergone further training in foot and ankle biomechanics and can help with analysis of problems, taping, footwear advice, exercises and provision of orthotics if indicated.


Traction involves lying on a special table with a distraction force being applied. The aim is to open up the spinal segments and relieve pressure on nerve roots and discs. It can provide a reverse force to that which is experienced during daily activities such as bending, lifting and prolonged sitting. I have found it to be very useful in the treatment of disc pathology, nerve root compression such as sciatica and canal stenosis. It can be used for lumbar spine or cervical spine problems. I will advise you if I feel this will benefit your condition.


The principal has previously worked for 5 years in a hydrotherapy pool in a public hospital and rehabilitation setting. Hydrotherapy simply means therapy ( usually exercise) in water. The true local hydrotherapy pools are located at Murwillumbah and Palm Beach however during Summer the pool at Tweed Heads South and Banora point would be suitable for exercises. I can attend with you initially or just provide a programme that you could do yourself.


On site we have ultrasound and interferential which can be an effective adjunct in reducing inflammation and relieving pain. Electrotherapy provides a good short term treatment similar to anti-inflammatories but without the side effects, to settle your symptoms more quickly. Additionally there are some conditions which ultrasound has been shown to be beneficial in. This includes bruising, bursitis and acute tendinitis.

Taping and bracing

Taping can be used to support an injured soft tissue or to temporarily modify posture. It can be useful in preventing reinjuring a structure in the early stages. I can also order in any brace which may be helpful in supporting injured or painful structures.


Western Acupuncture is an adaptation of Eastern Acupuncture which has been adopted by both Medical Practitioners and Physiotherapists due to the benefits seen in relieving pain. Acupuncture involves the insertion of fine needles into the tisssues. Research into acupuncture has demonstrated that it can be effective in pain relief, muscle relaxation and improving local healing responses.

Advice and self-management

Physiotherapists are the most qualified profession to offer advice on injury management and return to activity. They are experts in designing an exercise programme that adapts to whatever stage of recovery you are and can be progressed to enable you to return to your full potential

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Conditions Treated

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Contact Details

BWell Physiotherapy is a new practise opening onsite with Good Vibes Pilates and Yoga in Tweed Heads South. As the Principal I am excited to offer the community my 25 years expertise in treating pain within premises that offer ongoing opportunities to continue to Be Well. Please phone or email me to make an appointment.

  • Located at: 18/39-41 Corporation Circuit, Tweed Heads South NSW 2486
  • Phone: 0403 882 878
  • E-mail: bel@bwellphysio.com