Conditions Treated

80 percent of people experience back pain. Most settle within a few weeks however can be quite debilitating during that time. Physiotherapy can help relieve your symptoms and allow you to get back to both work and your daily life more quickly than if left to Mother Nature and time. Why be in pain for 1 week , 6 weeks or longer if you can reduce it more quickly? At BWell physiotherapy we have a traction bed available that can be very effective for some people in relieving back and leg pain. Additionally the Principal with a Masters of Musculoskeletal physiotherapy and 25 years’ experience working with experts in back and sacroiliac pain can help both diagnose the cause of your symptoms and advise on the best course of action to treat it.

Although most back pain settles most also recurs. This is why it would benefit you to seek advice.

Once settled in order to prevent reoccurrence you often need to change your lifestyle. This may mean exercising more or less, it may entail changing how you bend and twist and what you lift or how you sit. Generally there is a need to do something from a general or specific point of view that involves exercise.

Pilates which involves strengthening of your core muscles can be effective for some people in preventing back pain. If this is suitable for you then you can access the onsite Pilates programmes at a level that suits you. If not I am able to advise you on suitable and specific other programmes.